Best podcast stories

best podcast stories

Stories about friendship, love and the messy beauty of our lives. Episode of the year: The first of the courageous four-parter from Tennessee. These are the best podcasts you can download right now—from true like Hannibal Buress and Ilana Glazer, to do standup and tell stories. Podcasting is the perfect partnership for sound storytelling. So what are the best fiction podcasts? In my humble opinion, of course.


Joey Diaz Childhood And Cocaine Fueled Stories In between sets, the two real-life friends talk about race, their divergent tastes in men and Billy Joel. The Fitting Bitwhere Belinda tries on new horse-riding equipment. Podcasting is the perfect partner for storytelling, and people have been using this platform to tell fictional tales since the medium itself was born. The "Hot Fuzz" director's visceral approach to staging his new car chase movie recalls a style of action filmmaking that Hollywood abandoned long ago. Our narrator, a radio journalist of course, sets out originally to investigate the incident and hopefully find some answers as to what happened with her uncle, who was in the town. Take a journey back to the summer of with this documentary about Coney Island, produced by StoryCorps founder Dave Isay.

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Listen in on the recordings of Dr. Melissa on August 10, at 3: But we are including it for one reason — it is recorded in binaural sound. TIME's culture team has a few suggestions. Interviews with producers, executives and Oprah herself break down her impact on America's attitude toward race, her role in popular culture and the logistics behind that famous "You get a car! best podcast stories