Terraria more equipment slots

terraria more equipment slots

Most accessories must be placed in their equip slots, seen at the bottom Additionally, as of , a sixth equipment, vanity, and dye slot is  ‎ Combat Accessories · ‎ Movement Accessories · ‎ Health/Mana Accessories. I'll just need a bit more info (and some equipment that can give you those extra slots, ofc). If you don't want any item that gives extra accessory. Grappling Hook Equipment Slots! So, why would this be a . And how would adding more Chain make it infinitely reusable? Overall, it sounds.

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I'm not quite sure what you're trying to get at? You can drop items you dont want and then they'll be gone if you save and exit. CrescentShadow CrescentShadow 2 years ago 8 Derbmeister posted As the inventory serves the player's main heads-up display, a handful of additional menus unrelated to items in the inventory can be accessed through it. The player's main means of item production. There's currently no mod that adds extra accessory slots Views View Edit Edit source History. You should pyramids of egypt aliens or use an alternative browser. Maybe Queen Bee or is that too easy? This process generates stats that are broadly useful, such as movement speed or increased defense, for as long as the item is equipped. Only Minecarts are expressly required to be placed in these slots in order to function; grappling hooks, as well as activation items for mounts and pets, are all normal usable items, and will even respond to their respective hotkeys while in the main inventory. In the Mobile versionthe Trash is instead emptied the moment the inventory is closed. Which biome do you prefer and why??


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